DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A walk, some tickets, some merits, a cancelation, and a flying saucer...

A friend of mine brought the following excerpt from a Tuesday, March 28, 2006 obituary to my attention:

Family will receive local friends and relatives Tuesday night from 6-8 p.m. Out of town relatives are not welcome.

I worked in a 30-minute walk around campus today as I went there to run two errands: bought tickets for the Friday, April 7, production of

and picked up my Phi Kappa Phi certificate and pin.

I was supposed to help a grad student colleague with some web page edits, but she called to cancel 25 minutes before our meeting time.

I hadn't planned to go out, but with some free time decided to go ahead.

To my surprise, and pleasure, I found Kevin (av8rdude), Jace, and a friend of Eric's (innoman), John, out.

We hung out at Flex for a while, and then went over to Flying Saucer, so they all could have some fancy schmancy beers. I got a $5.00 bourbon and diet, as opposed to my $3.25 ones at Flex. But I'm not bitter.

There was some kind of gay event finishing up there -- some group of sometimes 100 and 200 guys, if I understood it correctly, once a month descends on straight bars and takes them over. Queers everywhere.

We ran into Gordon there, and he introduced me to, what I thought were two couples, but turned out to be two gay guys and two straight girls. I chatted with them briefly.

Shortly after that we all returned to Flex, including that group of four with Gordon.

After a while at Flex, Kevin, Dave, and John left to return to Flying Saucer. I did not tag along, and went home shortly after that.

Overall an interesting evening. A change of pace.

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