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The FDOS, mid-term overload, a klassy couple, and today's food diary...

Today was the first day of spring, and I sent an e-card to Donna to wish her the day as I did throughout our 16-year marriage. It's her favorite season of the year.

Later in the day, I got an instant message from her thanking me and saying that it means a great deal that I still do that.

Ironically, but no less deliciously, my morning greeting from Robert contained a Happy First Day of Spring.

In the "things-that-make-you-go-hmm" department, in just creating that link (on Robert's name above) to the dictionary definition of boyfriend, I actually read what it says:

Quick definitions (boyfriend)

noun:   a man who is the lover of a girl or young woman
Example:"If I'd known he was her boyfriend I wouldn't have asked"

How heterocentric! What else is new?

Class was engaging today. We didn't get any feedback on our initial list of references for our final paper, which we turned in last week.

We received the questions for our second mid-term. Once again, I am astounded by the number of things we're to address, with the amount of detail requested about each thing, all in a maximum of two pages. "List three things that... give two examples of each of those three things... explain why you chose each of those examples... connect the ideas to class discussion... etc."

After class, I ate at K&W, which reminds me about a comment my mother made after reading my blog entries for the month of February. But I digress... [But, I will address below.]

At K&W, I sat at a table, and to the right of me sat, presumably a mother and daughter, in a booth. They were done with their meal, and just chatting.

The girl, who looked to be about 17 or 18, throughout the course of their time sitting next to me, contorted various ways in her seat -- one time during which, for a couple of moments, her head was almost under the table and her ass up in the air toward the aisle. That would be mooning me. Picture it. Sicily. 2006.

Shortly after this, the mother does this coughing thing that concluded in that noise one makes when one has pulled up a throat full of snot into one's mouth. You know what I'm talking about.

As I put some too-green broccoli florets into my mouth, and before I could finish thinking, "Geez, how declasse," the daughter lets out this huge open-mouthed belch.

"Classy with a K," I thought.

Back to my mom's comment -- I have to be nice, because she will read this entry next month. Actually, I'm not hurt or angry about it; it just struck me as funny. That's why I'm putting it in here. Funny ha-ha, not funny weird.

So we're on the phone, and she has just finished reading February's entries (yes, I send them to her and dad, and my favorite aunt and uncle, too, if you must know), and she says, "You sure do eat a lot."

I had to do a quick check before responding to ensure that I wasn't getting defensive. I said very calmly and deliberately, "Well, yes, I eat every day." These are my daily entries.

My Bagel Belly

For the record, this is what I ate today:
  1. For breakfast
    • A sesame seed bagel -- with real butter
    • A cup of coffee

  2. For lunch:
    • A sandwich of fat-free bologna and extra-sharp [fat-full] cheddar cheese
    • Some 40%-light potato chips
    • Water

  3. For dinner:
    • A tossed salad with 1000-Island dressing
    • An 8 oz. grilled chopped steak
    • Some steamed broccoli florets [interrupted mid-bite by the aforementioned klassy couple sitting next to me at K&W]
    • A soft roll with real butter
    • Water

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