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I woke up at about 9:30, and at around 10:00 called Joe-Joe to inquire about a breakfast rendezvous this morning.

He agreed, I picked him up at his house at about 10:45, and we had breakfast and surfed the web at Panera's in Cary until 1:45!

There were lots of "daddies" with their families traipsing in and out -- church-going (and coming) folks, we presumed -- which reduced both our attention spans to that of fleas.

From there, I drove to Carmichael and walked for 30 minutes, listening to a slew of short podcasts.

I got a wild hair and decided to go to Flex early in the evening instead of waiting until 10:00.

I checked in with both Joe and Kevin (av8rdude) to let them know, and arrived there just before 7:00.

I socialized with Rick, Robert F., and their friends David and Paul. After a while Joe and Phil came.

It was Jay's birthday tonight, and the place was decorated with an ample number of mylar balloons around the place, though Jay was nowhere to be seen.

He came later, as did Joe around 9:00, and Kevin late -- after 10:30, I believe -- and the place filled up for karaoke.

We played several games of free pool with varying partners between me, Joe, Joe, Phil, and Rick E.

Dustin was the emcee (Ugh!), and spent way too much time yammering when it was time to give Jay his birthday presents.

Jay's sister was there, and just the cutest, petitest little thing. It was her first time in a gay bar, and before the night was over, she was on stage flogging Nikki (who is also straight) on the ass with a leather whip. Hehehehe. The things we can get straight people to do in our bars.

Joe met this guy from NYC who was so drunk, and eventually introduced him to me and Kevin. He was a lot of work.

I still can't believe I was there for five hours with not one alcoholic beverage. It seems like I ought to get some sort of or a for that achievement.



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