DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

The luck of the Irish, and I'm without a TV -- for the fourth year (who's counting?)

Four years ago today, I walked out on my television, as I moved to a new house and left it behind.

I went to Target today, and bought two pillowcases to match my 400-thread count set of sheets, and a funnel. I dropped off a roll of film to be developed, as well.

I also picked up a new bath mat while I was there, as I spilled some Tilex on the one I recently bought, which bleached out the color in several spots.

I'm still feeling like shit today. A sore throat. So help me if I have strep yet again.

I stopped at Red Lobster after leaving Target and had the Crabmeat Stuffed Broiled Flounder which was delicious, as always.

I was out without green on, and took a look around during my 30-minute wait for seating to see who else was or was not.

I was amused by a couple, I'd say in their late 50s to early 60s sitting next to each other, both scrolling through their own cell phones. I don't know if they were checking messages, playing games, or just avoiding having to talk to each other.

Once home I checked in with Robert and was in the bed by nine.

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