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Spring and Fall '06 registration, a group exercise and light bulb, a podcast, and some dancing...

I had my advising session for the summer and fall semesters with Dr. Dicks today at 4:00. I got there a little early and spent some enjoyable time with E-Ching and Will.

I ended up signing up for these courses:


COM 441 Ethical Issues in Communication


COM 561 Human Communication Theory
ENG 675 Projects in Technical Communication
ENG 525 Variety in Language

In the Fall, I will drop ENG 525 if I get into COM 561. Since COM 561 is not in the English department, I have to wait until all of the Communication majors have been accommodated before I'm let in, and often they are too full to let non-majors in. So, basically then, ENG 525 is my backup plan.

The choice of the two COM courses are politically motivated, as both of those instructors are CRDM Program Faculty. I figure that being exposed to more members of that faculty while working on my master's can only help me when it comes application time for the Ph.D. program. Brown-noser!

In the Spring of '07, I will take ENG 515, a 3-hour class, even though I'll only need 2 credit hours to complete the program. ENG 515 is a required class. So, I'll graduate with 34 credit hours even though the program only requires 33. So sue me!

COM 487 Internet & Society class was interesting today. We did a "group exercise," which I hate, but it turned out okay.

I had one of those "light bulb" moments in class today, when it dawned on me that "the interface being transparent" is like "the place becoming the map" in terms of making virtual social space more immersive. You had to be there.

After class, I stopped by Shanghai Express to have dinner. It's the first time I've ever been there before 1:00 in the morning.

Dawn was working and as I walked in, she said, "Oh my god; I've never seen you in the light."

I got the Sesame Chicken Combo, and ate the egg roll, half the chicken and half the rice. I put the leftover container in my book bag, and prayed that nothing would leak out of it onto my papers while I walked back to the parking deck.

On the walk back, I listened to a very interesting podcast:

Privacy Expectations at Odds with Reality

Morning Edition, March 6, 2006 · Steve Inskeep talks with Brian Boucher about how he discovered a roommate had stolen his Social Security number, credit card information and names of family members. It's a cautionary tale about how much our personal information is easy to collect. This conversation begins a series about privacy.

I believe it's about 5 minutes long. You can listen to it here.

Dancing was just okay tonight. There were few dancers, and few bar patrons.

Carl taught two lessons, which was great. We re-learned Dizzy with the twirl in it, and we reviewed La Mucara, and I think I'm finally back to where I was with it when we learned it two or three years ago at Oasis, when we were dancing there. I'm pretty pleased with my use of commas in that very long sentence.

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