DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Clean teeth, a podcasty walk, classes resume, and some office antics...

I had a dentist appointment today. Both the hygienist and the dentist made small talk with me about ACC and NCCA basketball. Make that: made small talk at me.

You would think that with my one word grunts and nods for answers for more than two minutes, they'd think, "Hey this guy isn't into college basketball at all."

Next year, I should arrive with these patches -- one sewn on each shoulder:

This was one of my semi-annual cleanings. Everything looked good.

"My teeth are so clean I could eat off them!"

Classes resumed today. On the way to mine, I stopped by Dr. Dicks' office to sign up for a Wednesday at 4PM advising session with him for summer and fall classes.

In class, at least three of us found out, as we handed in our reference lists, that they were supposed to be annotated bibliographies. Read the fine print.

I walked for 30 minutes at Carmichael after class, and listened to a Discovery Channel podcast called, "Miracle Hunters," described as, "Strange phenomena, messages from God. Many call them miracles. We use science to try to explain the unexplainable."

It was interesting, but not riveting. It did do this to me, though: made me realize that I am so a scientist, and so not a believer.

I love these things to do to your co-workers' offices when they're out of town:


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