DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Queen City Stomp 2006 - Day 1

I picked up Rick at just after 11:00, and we headed to Durham where we picked up Robert, and headed to Charlotte.

It was pretty much an uneventful trip out, with a monster traffic jam on the other side of the road around the Salisbury area. It went for miles and miles and miles, and all I could think was, "I hope that mess is cleared up by Sunday."

We checked into our room, 320, and set up "Party Central" for those soon to arrive. We made a bar of the top of the cabinet holding the television.

Robert graciously made a grocery store run for us, while Rick and I tested the bar. Yep, it worked.

We tried to make a dip, which consisted of:

and ran into two little problems: 1) there was no can opener in the room, and 2) there were no bowls big enough to make the quantity we needed to make, and no sauce pan, since there was no stove in the room.

Carefully using a , we got the cans open enough to get the tomatoes and chillis out.

Our next ingenious move was to dump the cubed
cheese and the tomatoes and chilis into the
to melt at a nice slow pace.

We had a nice surprise visit from Shawn-daddy.

Scenes of Party Central:

Food & Drinks

By late afternoon, we had a party of about 12 in the room.

As each person came in, they were required to do one Goldschlager shot, followed by a blow job (a.k.a. a cowboy cum or a buttery nipple).

Blowjob = 1/2 part Buttershots + 1/4 part Baileys + 1/4 part Kahlua

We played a fun game of Catch Phrase amidst the drinking and carousing.

After a quick KFC dinner, follwed by a nap, we got over to the Eagle for the hoedown at about 10:00, and danced until two in the morning.


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