DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Prepping and cooking...

I spent most of the day today preparing food for the week. I ran to the grocery store for a few items with the main impetus for the trip being to buy Teriyaki sauce for the chicken tonight.

I diced up celery, red peppers, scallions (putting aside some chives in the process), and tomatoes. I fried up a pound of ground turkey (for tacos), and separated it into four servings, one in the fridge, three in the freezer. I cut up cantaloupe. I minced four cloves of garlic.

I prepared the marinade, and marinated three chicken breasts, baked two potatoes, and prepared a salad. Later, I baked the marinated chicken. Robert joined me for dinner, and it was pretty darn good for an 8-point meal. :-)

Right after cleaning up, we left. Robert went back to Chapel Hill, and I went to The Longbranch for two-step lessons at 7. I forgot that they don't allow you in there in a t-shirt. I did get past the door person (with my jacket zipped all the way up covering my shirt), paying the $2 cover to get in, and a $2 renewal for my membership, which expired in November. Since I wasn't dressed properly I didn't stay for the lessons.

I stopped by Third Place on the way back home. I had a cup of coffee, of which I drank not even one-eighth. I noticed just as she was pouring it that the name on the urn was "Ethopia." I need to look before I order the next time, and either pass on it if it's too strong a coffee, or ask her to stop three-fourths of the way and add hot water.

I sat at the oval table in the back corner and read The Independent for a while. A couple, with the hottest guy -- oh my God -- sat at the table right next to me. I could not stop looking up from the paper to look at him. He had the five o'clock shadow thing going on, early to mid-twenties. Just a beautiful man.

Speaking of beautiful, and I'll add thoughtful, sweet men, Robert was a dear during his short visit for dinner. He emptied my trash, brought my recycling around, and helped with the dishes. He's always doing something to help me out. I appreciate that. And then, on the way out, he pulled out of the drive ahead of me, but around the corner, on Kent, up toward the light at Western, he pulled over to the right and let me get ahead of him in line at the light. He knows what a maniac driver I am, and I was late. How thoughtful is that!

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