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Rainy days and Mondays always...

Just a totally blah day today. The weather was very gloomy this morning. I picked Courtney up on the way to work, and got in early to leave early to pick Mom and Dad up at the airport. As it turned out their flight arrived at 5:45 instead of the 3:05 I had thought it was going to arrive.

I met Robert for lunch at the Outlet Mall at the airport. It was a real downer. He was really down, and I can't bail him out of it any more. We parted, well -- we parted.

Dropped by Gregor's workplace to get my HOW I LEARNED TO SNAP book from him. Got caught up on his life, and had some laughs, as we always do when we get together. We shared some customer service nightmares, too.

Picked mom and dad up uneventfully. They decided to drive right home, after leaving a bunch of Portuguese food with me that they'd brought back from Fall River. Yumm.

Spoke with Robert in between there and he has made some very difficult decisions. He put a letter in the U.S. mail about it all. I know the gist of it, and now wait for the delivery. I'm numb about the whole thing.

Good night sweet prince.

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