DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

HIV testing, plastic surgery addiction, shopping, and coffee...

NCSU was offering free HIV testing today, of which I took advantage. And it was the "new" one that gives you your results in 20 minutes.

Note: This cartoon has not been reproduced. I am linked to its original source.

There was quite a crowd getting tested there today, and during the wait time I listened to a Discovery Channel podcast called, "Addicted to Plastic Surgery." The podcast information about it just says: "What will some people do for the perfect body?"

OMG. They will go to great extents for one, I can tell you that. By the end of this podcast, I was shaking my head back and forth so hard that it's a wonder I didn't sprain my neck. Unbelievable. God help me to grow old gracefully.

After work, Joe came over and we went to Best Buy (where Joe bought an iPod Nano), stopped by the Factory Card Outlet (for some, well, cards), and Bed, Bath, & Beyond (for some towels).

Then, we ate at Fat Daddy's, as Joe had never eaten there before.

After that, we stopped for a cup of coffee at (the new) Caribou's on Duraleigh Road. Joe treated.

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