DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Deployed, scope, and a song-and-dance reassignment...

Many of my friends know that I collect euphemisms for "dying" in obits. Such a friend sent me this instant message yesterday:

OK strictly not an obituary, but on NPR this morning there was a show about bereavement of military families and a woman referred to her dead son has having been "deployed to heaven."

Class was interesting today. I learned about the Google E-mail (GMail) client that includes an embedded chat client. Very interesting.

This reminded me that I want to try Google Desktop, too.

We got our mid-terms back. Let's just say that I was disappointed in my grade, and leave it at that.

I turned in my proposal for a topic for our final exam. I'm thinking it has scope problems, but will wait to see the professor's feedback on it. Sometimes scope can be creepy.

Dancing was fun tonight.

No smart-ass remarks about leaving when we did on Saturday night, and for not going Sunday night. As it should be.

We reviewed Dizzy yet again. I have it down now, but it's one of those dances that I have to keep thinking through while I'm doing it. No drifting off.

We put a new song to "Annie's Cha-Cha" so that Ernie can stop associating the song Dizzy with that dance. At my suggestion, we tried it to Tracy Byrd's "Ten Rounds of Jose Cuervo," and it worked out real well. Do you know this buffoon -- on at least his ninth round of Jose Cuervo?

I left at around midnight, and dropped off Van and Adam at Adam's place.

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