DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A bad daddy, some clandestine meetings, class, and a chicken dinner...

So, I was looking at people's LiveJournal blogs who have Lejeune High School listed as a school they've attended. That's the high school I attended, and it's on the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base in North Carolina.

In the list of blogs there, which pretty much belong to kids whose fathers (or mothers, but mostly fathers) are in the Marines, I came across this 17 year-old girl's entry:

[Oct. 26th, 2005|06:50 pm]
I hate my father.

Send him back to Iraq.
And keep him there.

Seems like this would make a good PostSecret. There's some good ones there this week. Take a look. Heck there's always good ones there. Bookmark it.

My meeting with Nathan, my financial advisor, went well today. Bottom line: what I'm contemplating is doable.

I met with Dr. Dicks, my master's program advisor, today, and though I didn't hear what I wanted to hear, what I did hear was helpful.

I checked my mailbox at State to find an invitation to two of my favorite peoples' wedding. I absolutely hate that we'll be out of town for the event.

Class was interesting tonight. I got a flash of an idea for my final paper, which is a good thing, since we're supposed to bring a "thesis statement" about it to class on Wednesday.

Our group received our grade for our group project. I got a body temperature on it.

I stopped at Harris Teeter on the way home from class, and picked up dinner along with some staples.

I had rotisserie chicken with some potato salad for dinner. And no, that's not the potato salad with it in the picture. And, no, I didn't eat the whole thing. What I did eat was yummy!

I had an AIM conversation with Irene on AIM, and then a long one with one Tom Terrell, with whom I attended high school.

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