DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Rotated tires, and a surprising expenses inventory...

I had some wild-ass dreams last night.

We had waffles and eggs for breakfast.

Early afternoon, I read more of my article for class, and Robert finished the crossword puzzle.

I got my tires rotated today at Just Tires.

While I waited, I finished Monday's article for class, and read most of Wednesday's article.

After a while, this missy came in with a "slow leak." He went on and on about not being happy with the previous set of tires he'd bought there, and wasn't happy with these. Blah, blah, blah...

I was still there when the offending object of the slow leak was exposed to missy.

What is was wasn't so interesting as what the guy behind the counter did with it after showing it to him. He put it in this little glass container on the counter that contained a long line of such culprits. (e.g., nails, screws, a broken key)

Stuck in the back of the container, rather ingeniously, was an advertisement for their road-hazard insurance option on new tires.

At home, I devised my blog entry for tomorrow's class, and finished my spreadsheet containing my expenses for a year for my meeting with Nathan tomorrow.

I had dinner with Joe at Rock-ola Cafe.

We had a cup of coffee at Cup A Joe (no relation) afterwards.

We played free pool, and watched scareyoke at Flex.

Dougie was there and at one point a tall, white drag queen came up and said hello to him, followed by a big, black drag queen doing the same.

I said to him, "You know all the drag queens, girl."

He said, "Oh that's Starkeesha." I fell out.

Turns out she's the "mash' potatoes server" the irreverent Jackie was referring to on Thursday. I had no idea it was a "real" person. Too funny.

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