DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

40 Years and then some and MSBC dinner...

A friend of mine, catching up on my blog entry about jury duty, where I wondered if the person we gave 40 years to ever got any more time, sent me a link to this offender record, which notes: Total Term: 51 YEARS 1 MONTH 20 DAYS.

Tonight was a book club night out. We met at Janet's and had the most delicious chicken curry dinner prepared by Beth.

Sharon brought a wonderful selection of salad items, and Suzanne provided a yummy dessert mixture of fudge brownies, butterscotch pudding, toffee bits, whipped cream.

I provided the appetizer, my standard Harry & David dip with some bite-sized Tostitos.


In the you-know-you're-getting-old-when department: After dessert we all took our blood pressure. Mine was 126 over 70. Go Lisinopril.

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