DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

High school yearbook pics, a byte out of homework, and dizziness...

In a dicsussion forum at work, we're posting high school yearbook pictures of ourselves. I don't have my freshman year book. Here are the pics from the other three years:

Sophomore, 1973

Junior, 1974

Senior, 1975

And this picture of me and my "high school sweetheart" was in the 1974 yearbook, my Junior year. It was one of the most talked about pictures in the book. So risque! "I mean, from the way they're standing, you know their crotches must be rubbing against each other!"

Class drama today: After about 10 minutes of class starting, no one from the group of three people who were supposed to be doing their research presentation today had arrived.

Shortly thereafter, they did. One fighting back tears. The other two cleary distressed.

Standing in the front of the classroom fighting back tears and explaining to the teacher, who had stopped teaching to receive them, that they'd just lost about 5 hours worth of work on their presentation on the computer at the library.

The 21st century equivalent to your dog eating your homework -- the computer taking, at least, a huge byte of it.

Their presenation was rescheduled for next Monday's class. Bless their hearts.

I had dinner at Two Guys, and went to dancing at 9:00.

It was pretty dead there tonight.

We learned the "real" dance to Dizzy, but I didn't quite get it. Hopefully, we'll review it again next week.

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