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A sailor spoof, terminating tediousness, unengaging books, and a critical movie review...

Numa Numa Spoof by CS6 Crew of Navy USS Enterprise: Sailors Gone Wild

I completed the tedious, tedious task of updating that guidelines document I had started working on last Friday. Amen.

We broached the subject of books at our Mostly Social Book Club meeting today.

Specifically, Sharon asked Janet and me, once again, if we'd finished reading "that book about energy or whatever."

This wouldn't be significant except for the fact that it's been so long since we started reading that book that the person who recommended it can't even remember that the name of it was "The Power of Full Engagement."

I'm getting verklempt. I'll give you a topic. The Power of Full Engagement. It's neither powerful nor engaging. Discuss.

I walked for 40 minutes around the IBM/Tivoli campus today, and listened to a very interesting Discovery Channel podcast called, "Understanding Traffic."

Description: The universal headache we all share. What causes it, how bad will it get, and what can we do to make it better?

I spent most of my evening framing through the DVD of The Thirteenth Floor, looking for references to use in creating my blog entry for Wednesday's class, and in anticipation of the two mid-term questions, which will be revealed in class on Wednesday as well.

After collecting said references, I devised my blog entry, which took way longer than I wanted it to.

Practice Management Software
Practice Management Software

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