DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A cold walk at the lake...

We had an uneventful breakfast, and I got some house-cleaning and straightening done with Robert's help. Vacuumed and mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors. He put some boxes out in the shed for me.

We spent a little time looking up the program he needs to run the keyboarding lessons he bought, and eventually found out that the program costs just under a thousand dollars!

After that, we ran some errands. First we went to the SRI Shoe Warehouse, and I got some new shoes. Actually, I bought the exact same shoes I had before. I'm such the fashion maven.

We stopped at the Subway on Six Forks for lunch, and that guy there made the "Veggie Delite" with mustard and mayonaise. I was checking my voicemail on my cell phone while he made it, and not paying attention. After some drama, I got a replacement sandwich. I had baked Doritos and made a mental note of the fiber, fat, and colories to check their point value later, which I promptly forgot throughout the day.

From there, we went to Sears at Crabtree. I replaced the toolset Robert purchased on my behalf before Chritmas, from an "auto repair set," to a "household tool set." I also bought a gas grill, and an over-the-range microwave oven. While paying for the grill, I also bought a pair of loppers.

I got a deal on the microwave. They didn't have the floor model in stock, so the salesman showed me two others, one for $379 and one for $419. I said, "I'll take the $379 one." When he looked up its availability in the computer, it said, "Discontinued." I said, "I'll take the $419 one for $379 then, if you'll do that." "No problem," he said.

Mom and Dad will reimburse me for the gas grill, as the wanted to buy me one a few months back, and said, "When you find one, send us the receipt."

Leaving Crabtree, at about 4:10, we called Steve and told him we'd be walking at Lake Johnson 4:30 in case he wanted to meet us. He didn't return my call before 4:30.

We started our 3-mile walk, and it was so cold! We had just decided, about three-fourths of the way across the first bridge, that we were just going to go up to the next parking area and turn around because it was just too cold. Then, as we passed a guy walking in a hot, I realized it was Gary Spizizen, and after chatting a few minutes, he convinced us to "go on." We did, and had a great walk.

Once home, Robert used the new loppers to cut the limbs from the trees out back which, from the December 4-5 ice storm, are blocking the way to get to my trash can, and I cooked scallops, with snow peas and some "ginger sweet potatoes."

The scallops turned out great, with the dash of chopped scallions making them. I put twice the amount of ginger in the potatoes as I was supposed to, and neither Robert or I cared for them. Of course, neither of us cared for sweet potatoes to begin with. I do wonder, however, how they would have tasted with the correct amount of ginger, because I love ginger.

We took a nap, first MMMMMMMMMing, from about 8:30-10:00. Robert left for Chapel Hill at about 10:20, as I wanted to go out to Oasis, and he didn't want to go. I called Steve to see if he wanted to meet me there. No answer at home or cell. I left a message in both places.

I arrived at Oasis just after 11:30. The guy at the door said, "That'll be $5.00." I gave him a twenty and he gave me back a ten and two fives. I just went in.

Michael, from line-dancing, was there. He was a little miffed because he didn't get the word on Wednesday at Flex that there would be no line dancing this evening. He had come at 7:00 for the lessons. I didn't see anyone else there I knew, and after about 10 more minutes, "the dancer," came out "on stage."

Actually, it wasn't "on stage," it was "on the floor," and being short, I was hardly able to see him. He was short, blonde, and had either no or shaved pit hair. Boring. He started off with a zoro mask on, held a riding crop, and had on these, what looked like, hot pants in black leather. He didn't do a thing for me. I left after about 10 minutes more.

I stopped by CCs on the way home. It's been quite a while since I've been there. I was wondering if Steve, and Rob, would be there. There was one of the Sabrett (Sabrat?), whatever, coney island hot dog stands set up across the street near Legends. God, I love those dogs. I had to stay focused. :-)

Once inside, I "took a twirl," and didn't see anyone I know. I went back by the piano lounge and saw Andre in there. I stayed about 15 more minutes, and left.

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