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A tedious task, a good meal, and the bar circuit...

I did extensive work on a tedious task at work today.

At lunch, I walked around the IBM Programming Lab campus with my iPod on, which was just grand.

I stopped the tedious task at 7:00PM, about a third of the way through it, I'd say. Joy. Something to look forward to going into work on Monday to complete.

I picked up Joe at the airport, and we stopped to have dinner at the Capital City Chop House. Neither of us had ever eaten there before.

I ended up getting a 12 oz. rib eye, which is unusual for me. I generally only eat a tenderloin cut of beef. However, the server sold it as their "best cut of meat," and the fact that the 6 oz. filet was $27 and the 12 oz. rib eye was $26, made me go for the bigger slab of meat. So to speak.

We had a killer mozzarella and tomato salad, which came with the meal. I had a twice-baked potato, which was just "okay," and Joe had sautéd mushrooms.

The steak was delicious (I got it well done), and the salad killer as I said, but overall, I probably wouldn't go back there unless it was for a special occasion or a work luncheon or event.

We stopped by Joe's where he dropped off his luggage, changed into bar clothes, and we headed out to Flex.

We spent some time there talking with Joe and Phil. Joe spent some time talking with Rad, and I can never remember his boyfriend's name (is it Chris?), but I begged away from them as soon as I could because they were shit-faced. Update: The b/f's name is Jay. I knew that.

After not too long, we went to CCs, where it was Latino night. We had a couple of drinks there. Joe spent some time talking with Jay (bartender from Flex), and with Mike Mc., and then we went to Legends.

There was a talent show going on, and we watched bits and pieces of it. Joe spent some time here talking with Brandon.

After making the entire bar circuit, we stopped to see Dawn, where Joe ordered some kind of Lo Mein dish, and I got an order of Crab Rangoon, and an order of fries. Who even knew that that Chinese place served fries?

We talked each other home on the phone.

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Practice Management Software

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