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A thud, strep-free, got 'em all cut, class, and some coffee...

Today, there was an underwhelming response to the web page I designed at work. I mean no one said anything bad about it. They just didn't say anything about it. Oh well; I'm proud of it.

I dropped by my doctor's office for a "nurse's visit," where my blood pressure measured 126 over 78, and my "strep swab" came back negative. Yay on both accounts.

During lunch, I got my hair cut by the stylist I like the least at where I get it cut. She's the one who once pointed out that she didn't use to mind fine clippings of hair being airborne -- that was, until AIDS came around. Ignunt.

I was looking at her huge, huge stomach today as she was helping the person before me pick out some "products" after her cut. She had these elastic waisted pants on that were stretched to the breaking point. Thank god they didn't.

I do believe she's gotten bigger since I've started going there. And her ass is so big, "you could move in."

Alluding to Sordid Lives, I saw this picture of Brother Boy in bearcubnc's blog. It's just stunning.

I devised my blog entry for today's Internet & Society class and posted it.

Tonight's class started off with the first of the group presentations with Andrew and Ashton presenting on the topic of Interfaces in general, with Ashton's detailed topic being Memex, while Andrew's was Sketchpad.

A few things I noticed and/or felt about class tonight.
  • There is someone in class who shares a lot of opinions with a lot of instances of the word "like." You know how that, like, gets on my last nerve.

  • Someone doing a presentation gives you a legitimate reason to stare at them.

  • At various times, during video clips that the professor was showing (which at times got a little long), I glanced around the room to see several people not even looking up at the screen.

  • Even though I'm enjoying this class, and didn't particularly hate tonight's class, I found myself thinking, "Just 20 more minutes, and I'll be one class hour closer to getting my Master's degree."

After class, I ate at Two Guys, dropped by home to put in a load of laundry (darks), and headed to Helios to do homework. It was a good experience there tonight. I was there until closing. Uneventful. As it should be. Thanks.

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Practice Management Software

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