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Leftovers, combovers, and cell calls...

A couple of odds and ends from yesterday that I forgot to blog:

I forgot to mention that I "mawl walked" last night at Crabtree Valley Mall (CVM) for 30 minutes. I am absolutely amazed at what people will spend their hard-earned money on. Just shopping in a mall alone -- unless there's a 60% off (at least) sale -- I can't understand. Malls are mark-up havens.

I walked by some candle store, it wasn't Yankee Candles but some other "name brand," and people were in there actually buying totally over-priced candles.

They have some wonderful candles at Target, for at least a third the price. I mean, does someone really need "designer" candles? They go up in smoke!

I walked by a store called Browz. Now this was a place, a little spa-type looking place, that was for eyebrows. There was a "welcome" or "sign-in" desk in the front entrance, and I could see these chairs "in the back," that looked like the kind you'd sit in to get your hair did.

First of all, who goes to the mall to get their eyebrows worked on? (The same people who go to buy designer candles, I suppose.)

Second of all, how can there possibly be enough "eyebrow business" to have a store dedicated to only that?

Third of all, how much, and for how long can you do something to one's eyebrows? They're less than two inches long each.

And lastly, can there possibly be enough "solely eyebrow" business to pay off the high-dollar rent of being in CVM, and make a profit? There wasn't a soul in the place. If nothing else, I certainly give the owner this, "You have a lot of pluck opening such a place."

At the end of my walk, I stopped in Lord & Taylor's, which is going out of business in CVM, and I bought a $17.00 package (3 pairs) of Jockey underwear for $5.79. $17.00 underwear, marked down to $9.65, and then marked "60% off." The only kind of mall shopping.

I had a most heart-warming AIM conversation with my friend Irene in Austin last night. She's such an incredible person, which at times seems to be recognized by everyone but herself.

Part of our AIM conversation this morning finished up on last night's topic:

nematome: and i stopped by the orafice since i was out in the park
nematome: lol
IWC41: you and my father......he always called his office the horsepistol [Editorial aside: He was a physician, who of course worked in a hospital.]
nematome: lol
nematome: love that
IWC41: you would have enjoyed my father
IWC41: you shared a similar sense of humor
IWC41: and he was terribly bright
IWC41: so smart that having a picture of him looking down at me while i am working on spanish is making me like a dolt
nematome: i'm sure your father is looking down saying the things he was unable to say while he was here, such as I'M PROUD OF YOU.
nematome: thank you for reading my article
IWC41: thanks for the pep talk...last night and of course speaking for daddy
IWC41: i enjoyed the article
IWC41: i always mean to read your blog and spent part of yesterday catching up
IWC41: dec and jan
IWC41: and then added it to my favorites
IWC41: what are you doing today
nematome: homowork
IWC41: me too
nematome: and thanks to YOU for last night, too
IWC41: for what....
nematome: for the heart-warming chat
nematome: smoocheroo
IWC41: you warm my heart by being in my life
nematome: thank you
nematome: ciao
IWC41: adios

This discussion reminded me of one of the purposes I had in mind when I first started blogging, which was to capture little things in my daily life that make me feel good, any daily affirmations if-you-will; hence the user ID I picked for LiveJournal. Thanks, my wonderful friend, for being yesterday's and today's daily affirmation.

"Eso es mi chica!"

I picked up Joe at 9AM, and we enjoyed coffee, a bagel, and about an hour's worth of "laptop time" at Panera Bread. We each had an Asiago Cheese bagel, mine with plain cream cheese on it, and Joe's with Honey Walnut. I had half regular-flavored and half hazelnut-flavored coffee.

Through an AIM conversation, sitting with our laptops back-to-back as we sat across the table from each other, we talked about the people to the side of us, and the people behind us.

The conversation about the people to the side of us involved the topic of a combover.

I had a brief AIM conversation with Robert there as well.

At 10:00, we left for the airport, where I dropped off Joe at Continental Airlines Check-in, without incident.

Since I was out at RTP, I stopped by the office to tidy up the web page I created on Friday, and to send a note out about it to Jennifer, Loretta, and Randy.

At the Factory Card Outlet today, where I bought one birthday card, one Valentine's day Card, and two Sympathy cards, the guy in front of me in the check-out line was on his cell phone through his entire check-out transaction. I thought, "What a dork. Can you hang up for one freaking minute?"

In the middle of paying for my order, my cell phone rang in my pocket. I hate when that happens.

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