DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Being published, a soap slip, and some gay clay...

I got a call from Madeleine today, who had received my card, and we caught up.

I've been published again! An article I wrote, called "Blah, Blah, Blog... (pp. 4-5 of the PDF file)," has been published in Technically Speaking, the newsletter of the NCSU Student Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication.

A couple of quick queer things...

First, I listened to the MalcoVision video clip of the "Brokeback Mountain boys" (Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal ) on Oprah on Friday.

This quote from Heath is so on the money: "I still find it, personally, uhm, disappointing that people kind of go out of their way to voice their disgust, or their opinions against, the ways in which two people choose to love one another. I think that's really unfortunate."

Second, it happened again, as it does once in a blue moon. I found myself laughing out loud in the shower today after dropping my bar of soap. As I bent over to pick it up, I thought of the old locker room warning, "Queer in the shower. Don't bend over!" Hey, I resemble that remark...

Gotta love the National Enquirer. I see that Clay Aiken is being "outed" by one his recent "tricks." From a tryst in Garner of all places... in a Quality Inn of all places. Not that there's anything wrong with Garner or Quality Inns.

Clay Aiken gay? Really? Duh.

Walks like a duck. Talks like a duck. Sleeps with other male ducks. Please.

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