DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Prudie, grantwriting, a thank you, and a plethora of drag queens...

Only Prudie would answer a question with the phrase mirabile visu in it with a response containing the word politiesse. I love Prudie.

I mailed a card today to a friend of mine who lost her husband a year ago tomorrow. It was just one of those, "Was wondering how you were doing..." "It's been a year..." "The cards, letters, and visitors have probably long come to an end..." "If you ever start to feel him 'slipping away,' call me and share a memory of him..." "It's the only way we have of keeping our dear departed loved ones alive..." type cards.

Grantwriting class was interesting tonight, and went by pretty quickly, considering it's a 2+ hour class.

We spent that first hour or so critiquing each other's Cover Letter, Introduction, and Needs Assessment components of our proposals.

I received this heartwarming thank you card from my friend Kathy (and her husband, Rick) in Texas.

Dear John, [I get so many Dear John letters!]

Thank you so much for the donation to David's Memorial Fund. Words cannot express the feelings within our hearts. Your gift enables us to continue David's Scholarship each year. Thank you for being such a caring and wonderful friend.

Kathy and Rick

I met Joe at Flex for Trailer Park Prize Night, where we were surprised to find Tracey in attendance. Turns out both of them are going to be in Kansas City on Monday and Tuesday of this coming week. What are the chances? 100%, evidently.

Tula Box walked by, tilted her head toward me, and asided, "This show's going to go 'til about 3:30 tonight. We have no less than nine drag queens taking the stage." (There're usually only three, four the most.)

When she introduced the show she said, "Folks, we have more drag queens on stage tonight than we do people in the audience."

It was Jackie's (the emcee) birthday tonight, and the night was entitled, "Jackie O. Knight." She is so freaking irreverent.

At one point, she called hot sauce black people's salad dressing, and I smiled when I heard Tula's laugh even over the crowd's. Being black herself, Jackie can get away with that comment -- amongst the other things she said during the night. Did I mention irreverent? Lord!

They had a couple of big, big girls doing drag tonight. At some point during the night, this image came to mind:


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