DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Fun and games...

Sent a note to Woody right before leaving about the ISO auditing assignment. Need to start on rebranding my agent on Monday. Gave Susanne the Paris calendar I got for her for Christmas. She gave me two postcards from a collection of hers. Had lunch with Suzanne, and gave her her birthday gift. Always a pleasure being with her; today was no exception.

Left work around 4:00, and stopped at the Cameron Village Harris Teeter to buy ingredients to make three meals over the weekend. Looking forward to the scallops meal.

Robert arrived at about 5:30, and I made us clam linguine with Healthy Choice Spaghetti sauce (with garlic and mushrooms added to it), and with Spaghetti squash substituting for the noodles. It was pretty yum. We had a nice little salad with it, too. I'm such the cook.

We got to games night at about 7:45, and Jay and Kevin were in the parking lot. Not Rusty. After about 10 minutes, and with more people arriving, we decided to go to CUCC. Rusty showed up there after 8:00.

Robert and I played several games of CATCH PHRASE, then scrabble with Joel, Jamie, Trebor (Robert). Trebor used all his tiles on the first word, got a 50-point bonus, and had the game sewed up from word one. The game was too long, especially since no one had a chance in hell to catch Trebor.

After that we played The Poll Game, which had its moments when the questions turned made up and sexual. One of the questions was, "Have you ever had sex with anyone at this table," and two people said yes -- me and Robert.

After that we started a game of Chicago -- me, Robert, Jay, and Jamie. We had to stop after the 2nd round, though, because it was after 11:00.

We went home, and had a gut-wrenching discussion about social anxiety. I tried to be a mirror so that sweet, beautiful boy could see an image of himself that most of the people in his life have never been able to reflect.

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