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Marriage schmarriage and arduous reading...

Marriage Schmarriage

At the grocery store checkout, though I can't remember the context now, I made some comment like, "Yeah, I'd give up my first-born for that," and the bagger said, "Yeah, and your wife surely wouldn't like that."

I decided it wasn't worth the energy of going into the, "Well, actually it would be a husband, and it would be either our biological child from a previous marriage that one of us would have been in, or we would have passed all of the tests that straight people make gay people take before they can adopt a child while all they have to do is fuck to get one," rant. But that would have been digressing -- not to mention sounding bitter.

Marriage Schmarriage Redux

I'm at the NCSU Bookstore to buy a book for my Grantwriting class, and as the cashier rings up my book, I swear, she says straight-faced:

"Oh, are you getting married?" Until it sunk in, I was looking at her like, "Huh?"

The book? Guide to Proposal Writing.

Thank g-d I wasn't drinking water. Surely, that would have been a spewer. Don't call me Shirley!

It took me more time than I expected to do my homework for COM 487 Internet & Society. We had to read:

Robins, K. (2000). Cyberspace and the world we live in. In D. Bell & B M. Kennedy (Eds.), The Cybercultures Reader (pp. 77-95). New York: Routledge.

This was a difficult read, and I had to look up, I'd say on average, five words per page as I read it. That makes for an arduous time. And it did. Tedious.

Some of the words I thought I knew, but wanted to make sure that there wasn't an alternative definition for the context in which they were being used. Words I looked up:Then we had to blog about the article, answering: What is the main idea of the text, and why it is it important (or not) in understanding the topic of Internet and Society?

That blog entry also took me longer than I'd anticipated it would.

I met Joe out at Flex for Tuesday Night Scareyoke.

We played some fun games of pool.

They ran out of house bourbon again. I said, "You run out of bourbon every week. Who does the ordering around here? Look, I'm going to drink the same amount of bourbon every week. Take the plunge and order an extra bottle."

The bartender said, "You're not the only one who drinks bourbon in this bar."

I hate it when someone points out that it's not all about me.

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