DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

PA 640 Grantwriting, Explainer podcasts, Playmakers, and Trailer Park Prize Night...

From the instructor of PA 640 Grantwriting yesterday:

Dear Students,

I was told that the PA 640 course packs will be available at the campus bookstore after 12 noon tomorrow (January 12th).

I look forward to meeting everyone tomorrow.


I left home for class in time to stop by the NCSU Bookstores to pick up the book and Course Pack for this class. They had the course pack, but not the book. [Editorial note: I don't at all like that they use bookstore as a single word, and that they make it plural. There's only one store there.] But I digress...

I listened to while walking to class, and during break.

The class was good. We have to contact a non-profit, for whom we're going to write a grant proposal. I hope to work with Triangle Community Works.

After class, I met some of my favorite peeps from the Tech Comm program at Playmakers.

As you can see, it's a sports bar, but there were actually very few games (of any sort) on while we were there.

We talked about everyone who wasn't there, then about the classes we're all taking this semester, and then just about life things.

All of this took place while eating and drinking, of course. I had the:

Boneless Buffalo Bites $6.95
Munchies without the mess! A 1/2lb of boneless breaded chicken chunks tossed in your choice of Signature Sauces. Served with your choice of ranch or blue cheese and our homemade potato chips.

I met Joe, av8rdude, innoman, and Tracey at Flex for Trailer Park Prize Night.

Tracey was there with, what appeared to be, a date named Isiahs. I'm probably spelling that incorrectly, but that's how it sounded phonetically. They left not too long after I got there, and before Joe arrived.

I spoke with Ric a little, and he smelled good. I thought it was Ivory Soap, but he said it was:

Mary K. Mart hosted the show tonight. Now that's some hair up in 'ere.


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