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Out and Equal 2002

I had a great time in Florida at the 2002 Out and Equal conference. I flew down on Friday afternoon on Delta -- uneventful. I took public transportation from the airport to the Coronado Springs Resort in Disney, which is where we slept and attended the conference.

I was supposed to hook up with my friend Joe, but due to cell phone problems we were unable to do so. I went to Pleasure Island by myself, and danced the night away.

I attended several workshop sessions on Saturday, and then did my volunteer stint (in exchange for a reduced registration fee) for the evening Awards Gala. I got a "Disney VoluntEARS" t-shirt, which is very cool. The Disney folks did a bang-up job putting this thing on.

The Gala entertainment was top-notch, with the Disney Improve Group from Pleasure Island doing improv comedy for us. It was so funny. And of course there was the French Maid, with her Guacamole, Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato routine. Very, very funny.

After the Gala we danced in the ballroom, and then hit the jacuzzi. Joe's friend Mark joined us and Sarah was there for just a little while.

Sunday was brunch and a plenary featuring ex-NOW President, Patricia Ireland. After that we checked out and headed to the airport.

I got suddenly sad at the airport, as I have before after attending a "gay" event. As I sat and waited for my plane, I saw several straight couples walking around showing affection in one way or another, and thought "welcome back to the 'real' world" (of straight privilege). Then a sexy man walked by and I was frustrated that, just a couple of hours earlier, I could have flirted with him, or walked up to him and told him he was handsome without fear of retribution. Not so here.

I flew back through Atlanta (had a direct flight down), and the Atlanta to Raleigh leg was delayed, but only by about 15 minutes. Courtney was there to pick me up, and I had a message from Robert about coming over. I got up with Robert and asked him to meet me at home. I took Courtney home, and then went home sweet home.

We had waffles... had some difficult conversation, and then went to bed.

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