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And a 1 and a 2 and a 3...

Love that date: 01/02/03

First day back to work was uneventful. Asked Mathis about applying for the HR Diversity position, and surprisingly, he said go for it. When I went to apply, I found the requisition closed already. Disappointing. I will apply for the ISO auditing position tomorrow or next week.

Had lunch with Courtney and it was a barrel of laughs as usual. We went to Subway, and enjoyed a "5-point" sandwhich and a 2-point bag of pretzels. :-)

We stopped by badge making on the way back, and she got a new badge. I had to have a request submitted, and could go back by 3:30 to have it processed. I did that.

I stopped by the TCW P.O. box on the way home. Rejection on the Gill Foundation submission, and an HRC Dinner form were the only two interesting things.

Got my haircut at 5:30 with Thomas. He mentioned Rob had been to an estate sale in SC with Brad. I wonder if he's in love with him.

Cooked yellow squash and a slice of pizza bread. 9 points. :-)

I did a load of laundry, and did the December TCW board meeting minutes.

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