DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Errands, leftovers, and dancing...

I ran some errands today.

At Hillsborough Street Textbooks, I bought 7 cards. I really like the "Notions" cards by Leanin' Tree that they carry there.

I stopped at K-Mart where I bought two items, and got one free.

Dental FlossSylvania 3-Way Light BulbDaily Pill Reminder Box

My final stop was at the Harris Teeter on Buck Jones Road. Sorry, no receipt listing today. Hate to up-end your day like that. I will note that I saved a whopping 33% on my bill with my VIC card.

I had my left over Baked Ziti for dinner tonight. Actually, I ate only half of it. I told you it was a huge portion.

I had some slices of fresh French bread -- a baguette to be exact -- with it, which was one of my Harris Teeter items from earlier in the day. Yum!

I got to Flex at just after 8:00 for dance night, and later Bear Night.

It was Jeremy's birthday, about which I'd totally forgotten. Fortunately, someone remembered to bring a card, and we all signed it. I was rather surprised that Anthony didn't bring a cake or organize us bringing some food, since he seems to be "seeing" Jeremy now.

I had great fun dancing, but got a little annoyed toward the end of the evening when people started spilling out onto the dance floor. Sometimes it's hard to keep the bears contained.

My annoyance at people standing around on the dance floor is not because I'm bitchy, but for two, I think legitimate, reasons:
  1. The dance floor is tiny to begin with, but more so

  2. It just takes accidentally stepping on one person's foot while line dancing to twist or sprain an ankle, or even break a leg.
By the way, I don't blame the patrons for this, I blame Flex management for not communicating this.

Somewhere between 11:00 and 11:30, Robert went back to my house to sleep, and I went over to CCs with brianrdu, where I'd planned to meet Joe. By about 12:15, Joe hadn't shown up, so brianrdu and I went to Legends.

I didn't stay too long. I was home by 1:00 or just after, exhausted. In retrospect, I should have come directly home with Robert.

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