DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

There's about an hour wait...

Joe and I decided to go out and eat this evening.

Our first stop was at Los Tres Magueyes. Wait time: 40 minutes.
Our second stop was at Macaroni Grill. Wait time: 55 minutes.
Our third stop was at On The Border. Wait time: 45 minutes.

Evidently, everyone in Cary, North Carolina had decided to go out to eat on a Friday night at 7:00 PM.

Our fourth, and final, stop was Ragazzi's.

Our greeter asked, "Two?"


"Smoking or non?"


"Right this way, gentlemen."

"Right now? We'd rather wait like 30 or 40 minutes, if you don't mind." Okay, this part was just in my head.

Joe had a salad with grilled chicken on it, and I had the Baked Ziti, which was out of this world. I took about two-thirds of it "to go," as it was a huge portion, and it came with a salad and breadsticks.

We're pretty sure our waiter was gay. He was so sure that Joe and I were not only gay, but a couple, that he didn't even ask if it would be one check or two. Dear, does this outfit make me look gay?

I drove us to Caribou Coffee for an after-dinner drink, and we sat by the fireplace. One of the seats at the table we took faced the fireplace, and I gave Joe the seat facing this hot guy studying "Antonyms" by it.

Antonyms. How hot is that?

Young, tall, thin, buff. Nice. If you go for that sort of thing.

We're always questioning the orientation of one guy who is usually working there when we go. At one point in the evening, I went up to the counter, and said, "What's your name?"

"My name?" he replied.



"Because it gets tiresome for my friend and I to keep referring to you as 'that guy behind the counter' when we're talking about you," I said.

With raised eyebrows, he said, "It's Stuart." Though it might be Stewart.

And he continued as I walked away, "I'm not sure how I feel about that. Makes me a little paranoid." We're still not sure about his orientation.

I got to Flex at about 11, where "Showtunes" were still going in full force. Disappointingly, they were the same ones from the previous Friday, though they may have been in a different order.

I spent almost the entire time there talking with Tula Box, which was just a hoot, and at some time after midnight she said, "Let's go over to Legends. They're having a competition there tonight of the amateur contest winners of 2005."

There, we spent more time talking than listening to, or watching, the show, and it was fun. Later in the evening, av8rdude and innoman showed up.

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