DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

A slow first day of the year...

We had sausage biscuits and coffee for breakfast.

For lunch, I mixed up my super-duper salad, which we haven't had for a while, and was as good as ever. If I may say so myself.

I also made the "Shrimp Fra Diavolo," which was killer. Along with it and the salad, we had some jalapeño-cheddar loaf, buttered and broiled to a slight crisp. Just a plethora of flavors in the meal.

Before leaving to meet Joe at Helios, he called to say that he was already there, and it was closed. We agreed to meet at the Starbucks around the corner instead.

While we were there, three hot cops came in. They probably weren't that hot, but they were men in uniform.

It was a fairly festive night at Flex. It was extra crowded, undoubtedly due to the holiday for most people tomorrow.

Tula Box had her hair done up pretty high, and in white, so that if you glanced real quick, and squinted your eyes real tight, you thought it was a walking Q-tip. A real beauty of a tip, though.

I'm sorry; Q-Tip is a brand name. I believe we settled on "cotton-tipped applicator."

Steve was there for a little while, and spent most of his time chatting with Lyn. Our little group consisted of Joe, brianrdu, Craig, and Loren.

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