DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Happy 2003!

We got up at around 10 today, and had breakfast. Robert made eggs over easy, and we had them with waffles. Yum.

He read The Zen of Oz for a while, and I surfed the web looking for two things, with no luck: 1) a "top 50" or "top 100 country hits of 2002" web site. Evidently, this list is not "published" until the "big, surprise countdown for the year" has been finished around the country. I also looked (but not very hard, admittedly) for a web site where I can download (and burn a CD) of the top 25 or 30 country songs.

We took a mid-day "roll in the hay" and then parted ways, he going to Chapel Hill, and me going to work for a bit. I updated Quicken at work with the figures I'd updated here at home, and printed off the categories of spending to use for taxes. I also updated my Palm Pilot and printed off January and February calendars.

Robert and I met back here at about 5:00, and then, at about 5:45 left for dinner. We stopped by Cameron Village on the way to Bennigans, and mailed three letters, and returned the DVD to Blockbuster. At Bennigans, I had the sinful Monte Cristo sandwich, which Robert aptly described as a huge chicken, ham, cheese, and raspberry filled donut. Thank God he ate a fourth of it, and for two fourths I discarded one side of the dough making it open-faced. They really should give you something like a salad with that. But, no, French Fries, and I ate very last one of them. A heart attack on a place.

Once home, Robert and I said good-bye. He went back to Chapel Hill, and I went to Flex to dance. Another wonderful night of dancing. Joe J. showed up. I just love dancing with him. He hasn't been for several weeks, so it was good to dance with him again. Adam and I did some of the moves we learned in two-step lessons at Oasis (over the past couple of weeks), so that was good.

Dance! Dance! Dance! I love it.

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