DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Lazy day...

I slept until noon today, and pretty much had a lazy day.

I picked up Joe at the airport at around 5:00, and it was pretty much a zoo there. There was only one belt working at the Terminal A baggage claim, so Joe had to wait almost 30 minutes for his bags, as four flights came in at the same time.

We stopped at Dakota Grill on the way back to Cary to have dinner.

We agreed to meet at Helios at 9:00 for coffee, but a later phone call from Joe changed the plans to just meeting at Flex at around 10:00.

I got to Flex at around 10:30. I played several games of pool with Joe, Loren, and Stephen, which was fun.

There were a couple of out-of-towners there tonight, two of whom had great voices and sang country songs, which was a nice addition to Gerald, who's about the only other one who sings decent country songs there.

Dustin, the emcee, continues to be one of the most grating people on the planet. Grating on my nerves, that is.

As the night wore on, I got tired of it, and ended up leaving at around 12:30, I guess. I should have left a lot sooner.

At home, I whipped up a quick batch of ham salad from the leftover Heavenly Ham from Christmas. It was out of this world.

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