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Gay geek night....

I rode out to Replacements Limited in Goldsboro to pick up crystal and china from Vivian's and Jeff's patterns for Christmas gifts for them.

Thank god for cell phones, as I used mine extensively on the way. I made the following calls:
  • Replacements, Ltd. to put in my order so that the pieces would already be "pulled" when I got there.

  • Helios to see what time they were closing tonight. (2 PM)

  • Starbucks on Harrison Avenue to see what time they were closing tonight. (6 PM)

  • Caribou Coffee on Maynard Street to see what time they were closing tonight. (6 PM)

  • The Starbucks in the 24-hour Harris Teeter store in Cameron Village. (No answer after about 25 rings.)

On the way back from Greensboro, I made a surprise visit to UNC Hospital to see Robert at work. Sweet man. Beautiful smile.

Next, I stopped at work to copy my holiday letter template from my hard drive on my work computer to my memory stick.

From there, I stopped by the post office on highway 54 and mailed three more holiday cards.

Next, there was a pit stop at Sam's to look for something for Robert's mom, but I didn't see anything I wanted for her, and was just as glad. I didn't want to shop at Sam's Club at all for Christmas, and managed that this year. I also did not buy anything from Wal-Mart.

And, finally, I ran by the American & European Massage Center to buy a gift certificate for a massage with Pavel for Robert's Christmas gift.

I met my long-time (high school) friend, Irene, her brother Randy (who I haven't seen in many, many years, and has grown up to be a hunk of a man), Andrew (Irene's son) at the airport, where we waited for Katherine (Irene's daughter) to arrive from Austin via Chicago on United Express.

Irene and I exchanged gifts there, where she got me several books, as well as one from Maria. When Katherine arrived, she gave me a book, too. Guess, I'd better get reading.

It was a short visit as we couldn't go anywhere for coffee (see list above), it was after 9:00, and they had to drive back to Jacksonville yet.

We said our goodbyes, Merry Christmases, and exchanged hugs all around.

I dropped by Flex, where it was "Gay Geek Night." If you could correctly answer 7 of these 10 questions, you got in free.

  1. How many times did Buffy die on her show?
    a. 1     b. 4     c. 2     d. none

  2. Who was Luke Skywalker's father?
    a. Han Solo     b. Darth Vader     c. Boba Fett     d. Soviets

  3. Before they were Storm Troopers they were...
    a. Wookies     b. Rain Marchers     c. Cline Troopers     d. none

  4. What was the ship on Farscape?
    a. Voyager     b. Titanic     c. Moya     d. Ikira

  5. Who married Tom Paris on Voyager?
    a. Janeway     b. Seven of Nine     c. Torres     d. Tuvak

  6. What was the name of Dr. Who's Time Machine?
    a. Datek     b. Copernicus     c. Federation     d. Tardis

  7. This 1st officer on the original Star Trek was 1/2 human, 1/2 Vulcan.
    a. Spock     b. Aayla Secura     c. Kirk     d. Worf

  8. This comic was Spiderman's 1st appearance.
    a. Action comics #4     b. Strange tales #67     c. Fantasy comics #15     
    d. Avengers #7

  9. Which Star Trek character came out of the closet?
    a. Picard     b. Data     c. Sulu     d. Troi

  10. The original Star Trek crew had trouble with these "critters."
    a. Klingons     b. IRS     c. Tribbles     d. Wookies

I skimmed the first three or four questions, and asked, "How much is it to get in?" I gladly paid the two bucks.

I don't even know what these things are: Storm Troopers, Farscape, Voyager, and Dr. Who, What When or Where!

Once inside, there weren't very many people I know there. I watched the pool game on "the good table" with Jim for a while. Kent stopped by to say hello, and after about 45 minutes, I went to CCs.

There were a couple of people I know there. Chris, from White Rabbit spoke to me for a quite a while, while he nursed a bleeding finger he had obtained playing pool. Dangerous sport.

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