DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

'Twas the day after Chrismas, and....

Robert and I got up at about 10:00, and went to Finch's for breakfast.

We did the crossword puzzle in a found N&O, and it was pretty much a breeze, especially compared to the ones we've been doing in the Independent.

We both loved our breakfasts; I had a sausage and cheddar omelet and Robert had two (country fresh) eggs over-easy with some hash browns.

We left our waitress $10.00 in addition to the tip for the bill. She's a regular there, and treats us well. She's, "honey" this and "honey" that, and sometimes takes our order from across the room. A la Flo.

I imported to iTunes the complete, unabridged 13-CD, audio recording of The Da Vinci Code that I got for Christmas, which took too long. Then I downloaded it to my iPod, which didn't.

  1. It is categorized as an "album" on my iPod, and not an Audiobook.

  2. It isn't in order by chapter, which is a little problematic when listening to a book being read.

  3. The genre is listed as "Book & Spoken," so why isn't it recognized as an Audiobook?

  4. I'm trying to "order" the chapters using the Grouping function, but it is tedious.

  5. I've checked all 310 files to be set to "skip when shuffling."

I bought a gift certificate for Caribou Coffee this evening.

I bought a gift certificate for 5-Star restaurant tonight. They were out of gift certificates, but the bartender (manager? owner?) wrote the amount on the back of his business card, and assured me it would be honored.

I stopped by White Rabbit and bought two cards.

I spent some time at Helios tonight, where I had a few AIM conversations, and caught up this blog.

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