DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Games with the Collevecchios...

I got to work at 9:30, and still got a parking spot in the front row. Needless to say, most people are on vacation now for the rest of the year.

I met Donna (my ex-wife), mom and dad Collevecchio (my ex-mother- and father-in-law) at Vince's (my ex-brother-inlaw) where we caught up while dinner warmed up in the oven and we waited for Vince to get home from work. Yes, we were at his house. :)

Dinner was a delicious Ziti recipe, made and brought by Aunt Jean the day before. It was so good -- almost tasted more like lasagna than Ziti. We also had a delicious salad with it, and some killer bread. For dessert, this phenomenal coconut cake was served.

After dinner, Ed (Donna's other brother), Susan (his wife), and Angela (their 12-year-old daughter) came over, and all eight of us played Dominoes together.

It was an hysterical game at times, and came down to the wire with Vince leading almost the entire game, and losing in the last round -- to me.

I was grateful that this family opened their hearts to my presence and company, and that we had a night of such good food and company. I left there with a full heart.

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