DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

No line dancing lesson...

I had junk e-mail today from "Andrea" with the subject line of "Your invited..." Two strikes against her from the very start: 1) she's a woman, and 2) she has bad grammar. I couldn't possibly get aroused by this person. I might be able to use my "replica" on her, though.

I tried the iPod cassette adapter in my home stereo, and only if I turned my speakers all the way up could I hear the song playing. And what I could hear was at what I'd say a "medium" volume, and since the stereo was turned all the way up, there was no way to listen to the songs louder. Unacceptable.

I thought, "What a piece of crap," and put it by the door to try again in the car with the volume turned all the way up. I did this eventually, but it was the same results, even all the way up, I heard nothing in the car. Shit!

I don't want to go back to that store before the holiday, and there'll probably be a nightmare of "exchanges" going on there after the holidays. Bah Hum Bug.

Line dancing was pretty festive tonight. Rick brought a lot of snacks, and we had brought a card and Catch Phrase for Alan's 40th birthday gift.

In spite of the good-sized crowd, Carl didn't teach a lesson tonight. Not sure why not.

Van DJed tonight, as Adam was out of town with family, and he did a great job.

Missy made an appearance, and meandered around talking the ears off of anyone who would listen. Unfortunately for Don, it was mostly him.

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