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Lake Tahoe Skiing - Day 1

We had the complimentary breakfast on the third floor in the "Pine Cone Room." I had a bagel, a muffin, some orange juice and some coffee. I believe Robert had the same.

We'd decided last night that I'd use my old skis, since I know they fit me, and there's nothing wrong with them. That way Robert could get sized for some personally for him.

After breakfast, downstairs at the front desk, we asked if they knew if the ski rental shop across the street was pretty reputable, and they said, "Why don't you just use the one downstairs in our basement?"

I tried to buy discount lift tickets at the front desk, but they weren't selling them yet, as the tickets still weren't full price at the slopes.

We took the complimentary shuttle to the Heavenly slope, where I bought Robert a one-day lift ticket, and myself a 3-day one.

We took the Gondola up and headed to the "Big Easy" lift, which took us to one of the very few green slopes on Heavenly, "Easy Street."

We did this run several times, while Robert worked to negotiate this sport new to him, and I failed miserably as an "instructor." I took a couple of runs by myself in between.

We had a ridiculously expensive lunch (two hot dogs, a Snicker's bar, a bag of Tostitos, a bottled water, and a bottled Pepsi for $27.00) on the slopes, and then headed over toward the California Lodge, where there was another green slope that looked promising for beginners.

Once there, we found the "First Ride" lift closed, precluding access to the Poma-T Trail. Fuckers!

We took the Gunbarrel Express up to try another, very short, green trail called "Patsy's," where there was also a "Patsy's" lift. Robert had his best run here, and then was ready to call it a day.

He went down the Gunbarrel Lift, and I headed out to ski for about 1.5 hours by myself.

When I got back to the room at around 5:00 or a little after, we ran out to the hot tub to soak our weary bones. There were 3 other people in the hot tub, two guys and a girl. The girl talked incessantly.

We ate dinner at Tep's Roma Villa, where we each got the Salad Bar, which was very good. We also had some delicious bread with it.

I was exhausted and conked out shortly after 8:00. I had another very fitful night. I need more pillows, and drugs tomorrow night.



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