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It ain't over 'til it's over...

Slept in today. Went to Target and bought a bunch of organizing stuff -- four big clear plastic bins and one very long green bin, some close-out holiday printer paper, a half-price tree skirt for next year, and Turbo Tax 2002 and ItsDeductible 2002.

Once home, packed up the Christmas stuff, including the tree and the wrapping paper, in the long green bin. Transferred my games from boxes to one of the clear plastic bins.

Robert arrived at about 5:20. We left to check out Raleigh First Night at about 5:30, and it was drizzling. It didn't get any better as we neared downtown. We found a park real close to one of the entrances to the Fayetteville Street Mall, so we parked and walked around a bit in the rain.

There was a group of kids singing at the convention center end of the mall. We stopped and listened to four of them, two soloists, and one duet. These kids were phenomenal. We walked around and assessed the food places, finally opting to leave the area and go try The Red Dragon at Fairview and Oberlin.

We both had the same, delicious dish -- The Seafood Platter with jumbo shrimps and scallops. Yum. On the way home, we stopped at the restaurant behind Five Points Pharmacy, and got the most ridiculous, obnoxious, huge piece of a heath bar cake with icing to put a diabetic in a coma. We took it home to eat with a cup of coffee. There wasn't enough cake for the amount of icing, and the cake itself was a little dry.

We stopped at Blockbuster and rented DOGMA, with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. We watched it on the DVD player on my computer.

At 11:30, we tried to reach a web site that was streaming the Times Square Countdown. Surprisingly, ABC wasn't streaming it, nor anyone else we could find. We did find web cams placed at several different locations in Times Square, but they either took forever to load or never did load.

We did a google search on "Atomic Clock," which found us "The Official US Time" at the www.time.gov web site. We watched the countdown on that, had a champagne toast at midnight and the required (and desired) kiss. :-)

"May you live as long as you want to, and may you want to as long as you live."

It's over! Happy New Year!

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