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In response to my bitching about solved and unsolved mysteries, I had the following comments:

"Agreed, but not as annoying to me as 'free gift,' because 'free gift' is simultaneously needlessly redundant and Orwellian double-speak, as in 'your free gift... with your purchase of xyz.'" ~Jon B., RTP, NC~

I snickered at the redundant (or needless) use of the word "needlessly" in this comment. Redundant, alone, implies needless, so the word "needlessly" is itself needless, or redundant, in this response.

"How about 'New and Improved' marked on products? If it's 'improved' that would imply that it already existed, therefore, it's not new!" ~Sheldon M., Chicago, IL~

And that one reminded me of another one of my own:

"All new episode!"

As if there are ever "half-new" or "partially new" episodes. I'm sure I've ranted about this one in my journal in the past.

Do you think the electric bill for this would be worth it? (The music is "Wizards in Winter" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.)

I met Joe for coffee at Caribou Coffee on Maynard St. in Cary. We parked illegally, which I wasn't comfortable with. It turned out to be inconsequential.

I walked four miles (one hour) on the track inside Carmichael, and listened to most of the following podcasts during that time.

The others I listened to on the way to and from work, and on the way to and from Caribou Coffee.

Rating Legend
Time Wasted: Didn't Interest/Entertain Me
♥♥Time Well-Spent: I Found It Interesting/Entertaining
♥♥♥Time Invested: It Fascinated/Delighted Me

Slate MagazineMovies So Bad, They're Good
We bring you a window into one of those peculiar American subcultures -- people who love really bad movies. Our guide to this world is Mark Jordan Legan, TV and film writer and author of the weekly Summary Judgment radio segment for Slate and NPR's Day to Day. Mark is also a connoisseur of truly terrible films -- and no, we're not talking about the mundanely bad like Bewitched or Deuce Bigalow. We're talking about the especially bad movies, such as this week's featured flick, Dangerous Men.
NPRMost E-Mailed Stories for Friday, 02 Dec 2005 
Stories included in this episode: 1) Frank Lloyd Wright School in Turmoil 2) Elderly Patients with Psychosis Pose Treatment Dilemma 3) The GOP's American Vision: 'Off Center' 4) Poor Report Card for 'No Child Left Behind' 5) Dane Cook: A Stand-Up Comic on the Rise 6) Success Seen Treating AIDS in Haiti
NPRMost E-Mailed Stories for Saturday, 03 Dec 2005 
Stories included in this episode: 1) Studies Predict Odds of Outgrowing Nut Allergies 2) New Device Helps Kids Clear Fluid from Ears 3) Former Military Official: U.S. Presence in Iraq Fuels Terrorism 4) Gender Differences and Cognitive Abilities 5) Shadowed Austrian Town Eyes Mirrors for Light 6) 'The Man Who Sold the War': Marketing Iraq
NPRMost E-Mailed Stories for Sunday, 04 Dec 2005 
Stories included in this episode: 1) Refugee All Stars: Music Born of Strife 2) 'Freak Folk' Captures Young Performers 3) Return to New Orleans: Pontchartrain Park 4) When Chamberlain and Russell Collided 5) Savoring Salt and Chocolate 6) Fabien Cousteau, Swimming with Sharks



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