DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Sleeping, eating, listening and dancing...

Robert and I napped away most of today.

We did manage to get up and out around 5:00, and went to CiCi's for dinner. Love that place.

We danced tonight, but had to quit right at 10:30, as it got very crowded in there, and they needed the floor space to accommodate all of the bears.

I was sitting at a table after we'd stopped dancing, and Santa Bear walked by and said, "What are you doing sitting here all alone?"

"Just trying to dry off," I said.

"Oh yeah, you were dancing your heart out out there, weren't you? You are really good at it. I always enjoy watching you dance," he said.

"Thanks a lot. I really appreciate that," I replied.

Podcasts I've listened to over the last few days:

Rating Legend
Time Wasted: Didn't Interest/Entertain Me
♥♥Time Well-Spent: I Found It Interesting/Entertaining
♥♥♥Time Invested: It Fascinated/Delighted Me

Slate Explainer PodcastsThat's the Way the Supreme Court Crumbles
How the Building Crumbles. Could bird poo have made a chunk of marble fall off the Supreme Court Building? By Daniel Engber. A block of Vermont marble broke off from the facade of the Supreme Court Building on Monday. What could make part of a building fall off?
Slate Explainer PodcastsHow Does a Governor Grant Clemency?
How Does a Governor Grant Clemency? With a signed note. By Daniel Engber. Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia granted clemency to a death-row inmate on Tuesday. The execution—which was supposed to take place Wednesday—would have been the thousandth since 1976, when the Supreme Court brought back the death penalty. How does a governor grant clemency?
Slate Explainer PodcastsDoes Oil Really Come in Barrels?
Does Oil Really Come in Barrels? Not anymore. By Daniel Engber. Oil is trading at around $57.65 per barrel. Barrels? In this day and age, do oil companies really put oil in barrels?
ABC News Money MinuteTight Flights
Plan accordingly this holiday travel season, as airplanes will be packed.
ABC News Money MinuteHotel Prices on the Rise
First gas and planes, now a jump in the price of hotel rooms.
ABC News Money MinuteJohn Doe, Shopper
The unsuspecting holiday shopper is the perfect target for identity thieves.
Slate MagazineSomeone Else's Book Tour
Slate's Timothy Noah has an audio essay about what it's like to be traveling around the country promoting the book of writings by his late wife, Marjorie Williams. She died last January of liver cancer at age 47, and Tim has now collected some of her best work in a volume called The Woman at the Washington Zoo.
Slate MagazinePolitical Gabfest
Slate's John Dickerson, Emily Bazelon and David Plotz discuss the week's political developments.
All in the MindThe Emotional Brain: Part 1, Sexual Desire
For centuries western philosophers proclaimed emotions the enemy of rational thought. It was believed that emotions stymied cool-headed thinking. But over the last twenty years a quiet scientific and philosophical revolution has taken place. Instead of being the font of irrationality, emotions are now routinely viewed as integral to intelligent action. But uncertainty still surrounds the emotions. So what can contemporary science and philosophy tell us about our emotional selves? Over four weeks the emotional brain is explored. The series gets underway with sexual desire.
NPRMost E-Mailed Stories for Thursday, 01 Dec 2005 
Stories included in this episode: 1) Susan Tedeschi: 'Hope and Desire' 2) Paying Real Money to Win Online Games 3) South African Bishop Opposes Vatican's Ban on Condoms 4) 'Lamentate': Two Sides to Arvo Pärt's Art 5) Scientists Explore Cause of Dolphin Deaths 6) Erosion Jeopardizes Homes, Artifacts in Alaska

That NPR podcast had two absolute gems in it. The Susan Tedeschi story introduced me to her absolutely phenomenal voice. She reminded me of Eva Cassidy. A very, very soulful voice, but a white girl. And that story on paying real money to win online games just blew my mind.

Slate's "Gabfest" podcast once again disappointed me. This is second one I've listened to, and will be the last. It's too much chit-chat, and it's all about what's going on (or not going on) "inside the (Washington, DC) beltline." Who cares?

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