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It's a Mystery!

I am getting more and more annoyed with the use of "solved mystery" and "unsolved mystery."

A mystery, by definition, is something not understood or explainable.

If that's the case, then solved mystery isn't possible and unsolved mystery is redundant.

It's just a plain old mystery as to where my pills are right now.

I put two cards in the mail today, which made me happy. One used a birthday stamp, and the other one used one of my personalized stamps.

I made a Bruschetta appetizer tonight, and a Vegetarian Spaghetti dish, which consisted of spaghetti squash and Emeril's Roasted Red Pepper Spaghetti Sauce. It was pretty damned good, if I may say so myself. Too late; I already did.

I saw a traveling production of Hairspray tonight with both my ex-wife and my boyfriend. Oprah alert.

I really, really enjoyed this show. I'm always leery about seeing touring versions of plays that I've seen on Broadway, but I've seen several in Raleigh now, and they've been surprisingly good. This one was no exception.

One moment in the evening was both poignant and insightful, when my ex-wife leaned over to me (I was sitting in the middle) and said, "I was going to grab your arm to hold, and then had to remember, 'No, that's not allowed any more.' And then I thought, 'Of course, you'd probably like to hold Robert's arm, but you're not "allowed" to do that - at least not in public.'"

My most favorite part of the play tonight was stealing glances, and I stole many, at Robert watching him enjoying the show. Such a look of wonder at times, and that beautiful smile that had me at hello. Actually, it had me at, "Are you available for kissing?"
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