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Good Will...

Will called at around 11:00 asking if I'd be ready to go to the Goodwill place today. This got me motivated, and by 2:00, I had all my stuff together.

He came over at 3:30, we packed my four boxes and the microwave into his SUV (along with the five big black garbage bags full of stuff he had), and rode over to the Goodwill at Glenwood Avenue and Milbrook.

We had a laugh there as we were leaving, and Will was saying, "That's okay, really, no really, no need to thank us." He cracks me up some times.

I left for the "'Tween Party" at about 7:15. It started at 7. When I arrived there were mostly old people there (I mean white-haired old, not old like me), and, as in the past, I have found myself a bit uncomfortable at this party.

Eventually some folks I know arrived: Will (with Chris as his guest), the Brians (who told a wonderful story about making curtains for their new home), Tim B. (who's going to England for a month in June as a chaperon to some college kids -- how fun!), Ian, Rusty and Walt, and Adam. Adam was in his usual form -- complete in his cowboy regalia.

At about 10:00, I slipped out of there without saying goodbye to anyone. I fell a little bad about that, but it's done.

I stopped by Flex on the way home. It was "Underwear Night," and once again, the only people in underwear were the bartenders. There were very few people there. I ordered a drink, drank about one-eighth of it, watched some games of pool being played, and then thought, "What in the world am I doing here?"

I went home at about 10:30.

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