DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Happy Thanksgiving...

I left for Greenville at about 9:30. The new 64 Bypass was very much appreciated to avoid those gazillion traffic lights up New Bern Avenue and out toward Knightdale and Zebulon.

Within the first 20 or 30 miles, I saw four people getting tickets from State Troopers. No thanks on Thanksgiving.

I saw three huge dead deer carcasses along the way.

I listened to an NPR podcast on the way.

I arrived at Vivian's and Jeff's at a few minutes after 11:00. I believe Mom and Dad arrived next, then Joe and Janet, and eventually Joann and Larry.

Vivian did an outstanding job again this year. The Covington's had each brought one or two dishes. I did my part by sending a $75 check a few weeks ago for the ham.

The company was great, as was the food. I helped the ladies with the dishes afterward.

After one aborted attempt at a walk with mom, me, Janet and Vivian, we took mom back, and sent her and dad off, as they wanted to get home before dark.

Me, Vivian, and Janet did the walk around the circle. The weather was great for a walk, and I enjoyed the company of both of them.

Vivian listened to this podcast, which I had saved in my iPod for her.

Slate MagazineThe Perfect Podcast for Lecture Hall Listening7:57The Rules of Distraction: Hey, you—with the laptop! Ignore your professor and read this instead. Former Slate intern and current Columbia University student Avi Zenilman examines whether the profusion of Web surfing in college lecture classes is such a bad thing.

Back in Raleigh at just after 6:00, Robert and I headed over to Tony's, where he was fixing a complete Thanksgiving dinner, too. I didn't eat. Robert had a little.

Me, Joe, and Alan played Catch Phrase in the living room, while everyone else ate.

After dinner, we all watched Sordid Lives, which is always a blast to watch with people who have never seen it before. About half of the group (of about 10 or 12) hadn't seen it.

A Happy Thanksgiving indeed!

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