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Explicit podcast, and Trivia Night at Sammy's...

I had a good meeting with my manager today, our bi-weekly "1-on-1" meeting. She works at our Austin, Texas site, so it was a phone meeting.

I've listened to several podcasts over the last few days, checking out some that were recommended by subscribers to the EAGLE discussion database at work.

I found three of them particularly compelling, whose entries I have bolded.

The one called The Perfect Podcast for Lecture Hall Listening I found interesting from an educational perspective, and have earmarked it to share with my sister, an educator, over Thanksgiving.

The Battlefield Diaries: Persian Gulf War Veterans story had me thinking about unreal "war" is. I just can't get my mind around human beings firing bullets at each other in an attempt to have "peace." It's just fucked up.

By far, the most compelling story was the podcast by The Gay Trucker whose entire episode is about just having found out, about an hour before, that one of his good friends has committed suicide. It is so interesting to witness him going through the stages of grief, to which, in the next episode, he admits to having known nothing about, but had since found them on the web. A very interesting, very human listen.

In my listing below, I have placed a link to the episode. If you're going to listen, be aware that this is the first podcast I've subscribed to that comes with an rating attatched to it.

Slate Explainer PodcastsSo, You Wanna Start Your Own Town?3:51How To Start Your Own Town, by Daniel Engber. On Tuesday, the town of Clark, Texas, agreed to change its name to DISH, after the town council worked out a corporate deal that will give every resident free satellite TV. How do you found a town, and can you name it after yourself?
Slate Explainer PodcastsWhat's a Senior Administration Official?3:41Cracking the Newspaper Code. By Daniel Engber.Last Monday, when Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward testified in the CIA leak investigation regarding Valerie Plame, he said he first learned her identity from a "senior administration official." We don’t yet know who Woodward's source was, but which members of the administration count as "senior officials?"
NPRNPR: Most E-Mailed Stories for Sunday, 20 Nov 200557:371) Spy Cameras, Portraits Offered in Collector's Sale 2) Returning Home to a 'New' New Orleans 3) A Baker's Ghost Returns -- and She's Not Happy 4) Tapas From Spain to Your Kitchen, via Jose Andres 5) Composing Music for 'Tin' Ears 6) Taking on the Billie Holiday Catalog
ABC News Money MinuteOffice Party Etiquette1:44Tips on networking and avoiding foolish behavior at a holiday office party.
Slate MagazineThe Perfect Podcast for Lecture Hall Listening7:57The Rules of Distraction: Hey, you—with the laptop! Ignore your professor and read this instead. Former Slate intern and current Columbia University student Avi Zenilman examines whether the profusion of Web surfing in college lecture classes is such a bad thing.
Slate MagazineCheney for President!6:55Cheney's Dreadful Lack of Ambition: We'd be better off if the vice president were running in 2008. Slate's John Dickerson explains why the fact that Dick Cheney isn't running for higher office may have hurt the Bush White House.
Discovery Channel FeaturesBattlefield Diaries: Persian Gulf War Veterans 26:30Persian Gulf war veterans recall their experiences.
Discovery Channel FeaturesNefertiti Resurrected 50:28Discovery Channel chronicles what may be the greatest archaeological find since the discovery of King Tut's tomb over 80 years ago.
1:36Voice Mail 20-Myth-Homo, 206-984-4666 Welcome to my Promo blurp. Download it, use it, smell it, taste it, then put it in your show, so I can get some listeners. That I thank you from the bottom of my oil pan.
 34:45Voice Mail 20-Myth-Homo, 206-984-4666 WARNING- This podcast contains sex talk, so for the weak, don't listen. I talk to you about one of my truck stop hook ups but before that we listen to a Canadian Singer, Jessie Commisso "Run Away With Me". PLEASE DO run away with me. Send your feedback to dave@djdavidj.com.
36:02My very good friend Ron committed suicide just 2 nights ago. (10.24.05) I had no one to talk to after I found out, so I got my Zen and just started to ramble. I am posting this in Memory of him. Behind the sharp and bitter fangs, there was a sweet man who no one knew. This podcast is for him; I play his current songs he really liked, and made me listen to. Eric Himan - Pull Rosemary Clooney - Mambo Italiano The Smiths - I had a dream - Stomping Tom Connors - Bud the spud Thank you, Good bye my good friend, I will always love you, I hope you are where you needed to go. Love always, David Voice Mail, 20-Myth-Homo, 206-984-4666.

WE-B-M met at Sammy's tonight to eat, drink, and play Tuesday Trivia. In attendance were: my friend, Joe (as David delightfully put it, "the Joe with no relation to Cup-A-Joe"), Amelia, Steve, Will, Amy, E-Ching, and David.

We scored respectfully tonight - nowhere near winning, but not at all embarrassing.

Tonight's six categories were: 1) TV Pets, 2) "4,3,2, or 1" (The answer to each question was either 4, 3, 2, or 1.), 3) Disco Songs, 4) Scientists/Inventors, 5) Sports, 6) General Knowledge.

Joe and I split a killer "Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza."

I think Will has been working out. If not, then this is just the first time that his biceps have garnered my attention. Things that make you go, "Hmmmm," and digitally digress.

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