DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Azalea Drive visit...

Slept in today. At 2:00, I took Will out to Precision Auto to pick up his car.

On the way back, I stopped at the UPS place to pick up my monitor. On the drive there, I called Rob to see if he and Thomas would be home if I stopped by in a half-hour or so.

It sounded like I just woke him up, and after apologizing about how messy his house was he said, "Sure, come on by." Thomas wasn't there. Rob opened his Christmas gift, and put Thomas' and his birthday gift aside for later. He asked me if I'd gotten my "Colts Calendar" yet for this year, and intimated he'd get it for me.

We had a Merry Christmas hug, and we held each other, and he squeezed me so tight at one point, that it still brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. It warmed my heart.

I told him to "keep an eye on your depression, you know the signs," (he said he'd been sleeping a lot) and he said he would. "Call me if you'd like to go out and get a bite to eat or anything some time."

"Don't be a stranger," he said in the driveway, which always makes me smile, because he's the one who's always "being the stranger."

I gave Suzanne a call to wish her a happy birthday. She was in good spirits, and we had a good chat. Glad she's in my life.

Robert came over at about 6, we ate tuna helper, and then went to Oasis for dancing lessons. Steve met us there. The dancing, and the lessons were fun (to me).

Robert and I had a quiet ride home, and had "a discussion," which started at about the Crabtree exit on the beltline. He left for home pretty much as soon as we got back to my place.

Later that evening, he sent e-mail about the evening and the discussion. It was a heartfelt e-mail (and one to Steve, too), and I called him at about midnight, and we had a long, good talk on the phone.

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