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The funniest story, Helios' substitution, and podcasts galore...

book_of_daniel has come through with another incredibly hilarious story. OMG. If you've ever been frustrated in a line at the post office... Oh wait, who hasn't?

Read his Post Office story. You will not regret it!

Traffic on I-40 was absolutely ridiculous coming home tonight, but I remained calm listening to podcasts.

Joe called at just after 7:00, saying that he was actually out of work on time, and asking if I wanted to meet for coffee, and then drop by Flex.

I told him that I had to walk for at least 30 minutes, and that I could meet him at 9:00.

Due to our recent decision about Helios, we agreed to meet at the Starbucks on Peace Street at 9:30.

I walked for about 40 minutes, and listened to a bunch of podcasts.

When we arrived at Starbucks, there were four or so cop cars in the parking lot. At first, I thought something had happened there, as a couple of the cops were looking up at an adjacent building. Their lights weren't on though, and nothing else happened.

A guy Joe works with, I believe his name was Roger came in, and he stopped by our table, with his partner, to say hello.

They said that they'd just come from an Interplay performance, as if we would know what that was. We didn't, but didn't ask. Compliments of the Web, now I know.

They took a seat away from us, and after a few minutes some straight-looking and straight-acting people joined them.

We had a decent time at Flex. Doug was there with a friend of his, Tim. Joe and I played several games of pool, which was a lot of fun.

At around midnight, I guess, Dougie went to Legends, and Joe and I went to Shanghai Express.

Podcasts I listened to today:

Slate Explainer PodcastsI Want My Arctic Oil!3:47I Want My Oil Yesterday! Why it takes so long to drill in Alaska. By Daniel Engber. Even if Congress passed legislation to allow oil drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, experts say that no oil would be produced at ANWR until 2015. What's the holdup?
Slate Explainer PodcastsDid Saddam Make Mustaches Compulsory?2:47Did Saddam impose a mustache mandate? By Brendan I. Koerner. These days Saddam sports a long, graying beard, but back when he ruled Iraq, he wore a bushy mustache, as did most Iraqi men. Did Saddam force his countrymen to mimic his facial hair preferences?
Slate Explainer PodcastsCan I See That Presidential Paper?3:58All the Presidents' Papers. How do presidential libraries decide which records to release? By Daniel Engber. Earlier this week the Ronald Reagan and George Bush presidential libraries released about 200 pages relating to Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito. How did the archivists at the presidential libraries decide which documents to release?
Slate Explainer PodcastsA How-To Guide for Soldiers4:04What Are Army Field Manuals? How-to guides for interrogation, laser injury prevention, and other useful skills. By Daniel Engber. Earlier this month, the Army Field Manual was established as the source for interrogation procedures for all branches of government.
NPRMost E-Mailed Stories for Friday, 11/18/0536:09Stories included in this episode: 1) California Town Still Scarred by 1964 Tsunami 2) Kazakhstan Not Laughing at TV's 'Ali G' 3) 'Walk the Line' Tells Epic Cash-Carter Love Story 4) From Marsalis, Jazz Profiles in Verse for Kids 5) Microsoft Finds Itself at a Crossroads 6) Didion, Vollman Win National Book Awards
ABC News Money MinuteAvoiding the Sick Day1:42Remaining healthy at the office is good for your body and bank account.
ABC News Money MinuteCooling Housing Market1:39Rising mortgage rates and increasing loan rates mean fewer home buyers.
ABC News Money MinuteParental Responsibility1:52More grandparents are paying their grandkids' medical and education bills.
Slate MagazineThe Old College Retry8:55Slate's Meghan O'Rourke discusses the magazine's special College Week features, including a series of articles on how to fix what's wrong with the undergraduate curriculum.
Slate MagazinePolitical Gabfest14:31Slate's John Dickerson, Emily Bazelon and Mickey Kaus discuss the week's political developments.
The Journal ReportAndrew Blackman on Identifying Trends14:56How one venture capitalist company goes about identifying trends to help determine their investment choices.

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