DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Bringing home the skis...

w3 was down today when it was time to connect to the Tivoli Software Development Webcast at work.

The audio portion of the meeting proceeded, but I did not connect, preferring to watch the replay at a later date when both the audio and video would be working.

I later found out that the meeting was prerecorded, and someone played the recording into their phone, and that's what the people who did dial into the audio portion of the meeting heard. Technology.

There were five people confirmed for EAGLE's monthly luncheon today. In the last half hour, three people sent regrets. It ended up being just Jon and me. We ate at Danny's BBQ at Alexander and Miami.

I had some fun AIM conversations with Robert today, who was working at UNC while the NC Children's Hospital fundraiser was going on at which country stars Blaine Larsen and Buddy Jewel were performing.

I got a couple of excited IMs that "Blaine and I were just shoulder-to-shoulder," and "Buddy just walked by..." So cute!

I left work late today, and stopped by Alpine on the way home to pick up my skis. They look great. I can't wait to try them next month.

I went to the gym, where I listened to several podcasts while walking from 10:00 until they closed at 11.

At the end of the first story of the NPR: Most E-mailed Stories for Thursday, 11/17, I found tears rolling down my cheeks. Not a good look for a man in the gym. So society says.

Other podcasts I listened to:

NPRMost E-Mailed Stories for Thursday, 11/17/0550:12Stories included in this episode: 1) 'My Lobotomy': Howard Dully's Journey 2) Duke's Basketball Team: Uniquely Hated 3) High-Tech Methods Crack Farm Insurance Cheats 4) Getty Curator in Italian Court over Artifacts 5) Jumping to a Motherhood-Compatible Career 6) Suicide Attempts Increase in Katrina's Aftermath
FrenchPodClassFrenchPodClass #217:45Bonjour! Here is the 2nd number of the FrenchPodClass. This week: Presentation and Introduction: The question and the day/month/season vocabulary. This one is a little shorter than the previous one. I am actually out of town. I am also preparing a special podcast: I will record different discussions (with my girlfriend, my family, my friends...). It will be ready as soon as I will be back from France in mid-September. You will be able to check directly a conversation from the introduction to the end.

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