DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Idyllicness at its best...

If someone challenged me to create a day to illustrate the definition of idyllic, today would have met the challenge.

We got up at around 9:00, and left for Wilmington at about 10:00.

We stopped at the Hardee's at the corners of Avent Ferry and Gorman, and it was newsworthy in that we actually had a good experience. A manager was on duty, and he was definitely leading by example.

At the beginning of the trip, we listened to about half of Music from a Farther Room, but it was a little hard to hear with the sunroof and a couple of windows open, so I decided to "save it for the beach."

We put in diva queen, Celine, instead.

We arrived at the beach at around 12:30, and made a Trolly Stop, where the customer service wasn't what I'd classify as "friendly," but not outright rude either. That's still not a compliment.

We spent the most glorious couple of hours on the beach; I lied on a blanket, while Robert sat in a beach chair. I put in:

and put it on shuffle.

It provided a glorious backdrop to the cool breeze, and the hot sun. Every once in a while the sun would fall behind some drifting clouds, but emerge just in time to keep the chill away.

I would turn one way and enjoy the white sand leading up to the lightly rippling blue ocean, and then the other to see the sea oats dancing on the dunes. Life is good.

At 3:30, we drove downtown, and Robert treated us to dinner at Elijah's, on the Intercoastal Waterway.

We were seated outside, right by the boardwalk, with the setting sun over the waterway behind us. Beautiful.

Robert had oysters on the half-shell. I had a garden salad. We split two appetizers: crabmeat-stuffed mushrooms and a half-loaf of garlic-cheese-green-&-black-olive bread.

For our entree, we split an order of fish and chips, which came already divided into two plates, with an ample amount of the fries and slaw sides included with the platter. Delicious!

We really couldn't have asked for a more serene, life-refreshing day.

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