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Dreams and podcasts...

I had no less than four dreams last night, each of which, arguably, were nightmares.

"Toilet Monsters" Synopsis
I walked into a bathroom at my parents' house, which didn't look anything like any bathroom they actually have, of course.

In the toilet, I saw the end of what looked like a face cloth, or rag, in that hole into which the water drains when you flush. I reached in and grabbed the end of the cloth, and pulled it out.

All of a sudden, these little winged creatures started coming out of the hole, and tried to get out of the toilet. As they climbed up the side of the bowl, and slipped back down, their wings would thrash, but they couldn't fly.

I closed the door to the bathroom, as I left to get my dad. When we returned, and opened the door, there were thousands of the little creatures all over the floor, except they looked like flat round dots now, the size of a half-dollar.

"Fireman Dog" Synopsis
I was driving down some rural road, and slowed down as a dog approached my car. The dog was very close to my car as I passed by it.

After about a quarter of a mile, the car behind me started flashing its lights at me, while indicating to me that I should pull over.

When I got out, and looked to the rear, I realized that I was driving a pickup truck not a car, and the dog was sort of hanging on the side of the back of the truck - so that its head and forearms were in the truck, while its torso and hind legs, which looked normal, hung over the side. It was like he'd taken a flying leap to get in, but hadn't gaged it quite right.

I went up to the dog, and pulled it safely to the ground. As soon as it got on the ground, it started approaching me, growling. It was sort of half-crawling (with its front paws), and half-dragging (its hind legs).

When I looked to see why it was dragging its rear, I saw that its hind legs weren't dog's legs at all, but two huge fireman's boots (those thick green and yellow rubber jobs), turned with both "feet" facing the same direction (to the right), dragging on the ground. It didn't look like he had boots on, but rather like the boots were his legs.

"Bugs on Body" Synopsis
I was sleeping, and woke up to an itch. There was some kind of bug on my body; I have the sense it was a gnat. It was definitely gnat-like.

I slapped at it, which made it go away, and then I tried to drift back to sleep.

Another one landed on me, this time on my back, where I couldn't reach it.

I rolled over onto it, to try and make it fly away. This went on ad nauseam.

"Straight Sex" Synopsis
I'm not going into the gross and personal details of this one. I know you're relieved.

Let's just say that it involved sex with my ex-wife, and she was trying to do something to me that I don't like to do sexually (even with men), and though it was a rather impressive attempt, it never worked.

I had lunch with Kevan today at Piper's in the Park. It was good to catch up.

I passed on my regular Papa Sweeney's Pimento Cheese sandwich, which I truly love, and tried the Wendlyn's Grill, I think it was called. It wasn't bad, a little bit dry; I much prefer the greasy, fattening Pimento Cheese sandwich.

I picked up our Hairspray tickets at the IBM Club, and bought 5 discount tickets to the Galaxy Theater.

These are the podcasts I've listened to in the past two days:

Most of the ones listed in Tuesday's blog entry.

And these recently downloaded ones:

NPR: Most E-mailed Stories for Wednesday 11/09/05

Discovery Channel: Conjoined Twins (Included interviews with 2 or 3 such twins living their lives.) Interesting.

43 Folders: How to Leave a Voice Mail Message (This made me laugh.)

ABC News Money Minute: Priming Prices at the Pump (What constitutes the price of the gas you pay at the pump? One of the four components is what the establishment selling the gas gets, which is ~8%. The other three components are: the price of crude oil (~50%), the cost to refine the crude into a usable product (~25%), and taxes (~15%).)

Slate: Literally the World's Most Misused Word (Very, very interesting.)

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