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I got up at 9:00, and headed over to Robert's to wait for ROOMS TO GO to deliver his couch "sometime between 10 and 2." They arrived at 10:03. Super!

Robert came home for lunch at noon, and we ate together. He didn't like the couch. It's too big, chops up the room too much, and he's not crazy about the color either.

I stopped by The Factory Card Outlet on the way home, and got some killer deals on Christmas stuff for next year: wrapping paper, gift boxes, tissue paper, cards, to/from stickers, printer paper, and a "Christmas-tree-in-a-box." Perfect.

I stopped at Office Depot and bought some more hanging folders and some blank tabs. Looking forward to getting that file cabinet organized and updated.

Robert came over at about 6:00. We ate Tuna Helper for dinner, and then went to see "Maids in Manhattan." We both actually enjoyed the movie. A very poignant moment during the film was Robert crying on my shoulder after the scene in which the little boy doesn't perform his speech well at school.

There were 8 people in the movie, all woman. Well we were two of the 8. On the way out we were joking about "how hot J-Lo" was, and I walked funny like I had a tent in my pants just thinking about her. Robert cracked up.

After the movie, we stopped at Cup-A-Joe's for a hot chocolate made with white chocolate. Yum! We had several good laughs there.

We got back to the house at about 9:30, and Robert asked to spend the night. I was surprised (as he has to work in Chapel Hill at 8 in the morning), but pleased.

I left at about 10:45 to go pick Jay up at the airport. After circling a few times, I picked him up in the "Terminal A Extension." Okay, I give up. Why do we have a terminal A and a terminal C, and use "Extension to Terminal A" instead of, say, and this is just a wild idea, "TERMINAL B?"

I got home just after midnight, and cuddled with Robert. After a little bit, we MMMMMMMMMMMed.

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